Intune Quicklinks for PowerShell v1

Im back to creating handy reference guides for the technical community. Specifically for anyone looking for a handy library of Intune and MEM guides and helpful PowerShell scripts. There are so many out there some of which have been reused and adapted and others built from scratch. PowerShell scripts has definately been my friend when it comes to Intune configuration and can provide some powerful ways of collecting information, and deploying settings.  So it made me think why not create an ultimate PowerShell reference with quick links to evrything useful with Intune. 

I will be building the first release of Intune Quick Links (IQL) over the next month and while it will be useful for my own reference  it would be great to involve the community and anyone wanting to submit their own useful PowerShell scripts. If you find any of these useful and want to submit your own scripts with information on what it does and links to to your website or Blog please get in contact. I plan to release version 1 of this IQL by the end of November by which time I hope to have at least 40 entries.  

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