V2 Intune Quick links with PowerShell

Happy New Year.

Its January when we all set new goals and challenges. Back in October 2021 I mentioned I would be creating a quick reference guide to community posts, videos and guides, all of which refer to ways of using PowerShell with Intune. One of the first goals for me was to take time to finish off V1 of my IQL reference guide which was an early version of the links collected. The goal was simply to gather useful information I can use regularly for my own customer deployments but also provide other community members with something that’s helpful and quick.

In my job role I have used a number of the included links myself and created videos to help me learn. This is V2 of my guide and rather than just have a copy on my own desktop I thought it would be worth sharing.  As you build your knowledge and experience in deploying and managing devices with Intune and MEM you don’t necessarily need to know how to write PowerShell although it is advised to know at least the basics.  I will be looking to build on this over time and welcome any one else’s PowerShell gems if you would like me to add to the list. There are so many PowerShell tips, modules and scripts available to help you achieve your particular challenges but it can sometimes take time remembering or finding where you saw them.
I hope you find this useful in your role.
Thanks to all contributors to the guide and please follow me on Twitter to receive updates as they are released.
You can download a copy of the quick links by clicking on the ‘Download file’ below. Once downloaded open the document and simply click the topic of interest and it will take you the relevant website / YouTube video

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