Intune Quick Links – Proactive Remediations

So i’m a little late to the game on this I know but when it comes to proactive remediations with Intune it is a bit of a waiting game. I’m obviously referring to that short time frame before you start seeing some great examples appearing within the community. There are now probably 100’s of great blogs and PR packages created which address real life issues and help simplify an admin’s role. We can all learn by example but also why reinvent the wheel.

On my own path to understanding what Proactive Remediations are and how they can be applied I have used many of these to better my knowledge so I thought Id create a Quick links on these for you guys. A big thanks to all early adopters and especially those willing to share their experience and hard work. 

Watch out for my forthcoming YouTube video where I introduce and test out Proactive Remediations for myself and even develop my own to share. Meanwhile take a look and download my 10 getting started links provided by community members. 

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