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Hello and thanks for checking out my first blog post.Its got to be stated its something I’ve been meaning to get serious about for some time really. There has to be a purpose surely for blogging, well for me there does or will be. Each to their own as everyone has a different outlook. My purpose here is going to be writing about “Modern device Management” hence the MOVE2MODERN and centered mainly around Microsoft device configuration and cloud adoption but not completely. Oh and because I like anything Techy Ill be throwing in a few other things along route. By the way I will do my best to avoid using MDM or Mobile Device Management here as while its related its not exactly the same thing.

I wont go into a full Biography here but I have over 25 years experience in the IT world moving around technologies but its the MOVE2MODERN that allows me to write about new technology that is both present and evolving fast.  There’s so much to learn so for sure I hope  to build my own knowledge while also  improving my style of writing and gain a few followers along the way too. So why Modern device management well its a passion I’ve had for a while and have worked with for a number of years. I’ve spent a fair few hours taking devices apart, setting them up, configuring them and developing code to go on them over the years so its time I shared some of knowledge with a wider audience.

The modern process of piecing together the components that make up an Enterprise device management deployment has changed drastically which is where the modern comes in. The transition to cloud managed devices from a a traditional legacy approach has been a game changer. Its also the reason driving me to learn more and be part of a community for like minded professionals and enthusiasts.     To get me going I have set myself a challenge which Im calling #100DaysofMove2Modern. Along the similar lines of #100DaysofCloud challenge but with more focus. A couple of work colleagues have already jumped in with the 

#100DaysofCloud challenge which proved to be a great experience. Its their experience that has encouraged me to start this up.If you have already jumped into the Move2Modern cloud space yourself be it at the SME or Enterprise level or are looking to in the near future why not join me and start your very own #100DaysofMovetoModern. While 100 days seems a lot its doesn’t have to be consecutive days, how you spread your time and posts is your choice so no pressure. Along side this I am also involved with GetModern, which provides more information, discussions and community events through Youtube. Take a look at the content at GetModern – YouTube

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